The making of the collection

Logitail is the first NetSuite solution provider in the Benelux to become Commerce Agency Partner. We wanted to become CAP-partner because we do have the experience and the team. We mean business, we wanted to show what pros can do with the challenge of building a web shop to become certified.

We took the demo webshop challenge very seriously. We made it a real business with real clothing items available in various sizes and variants. So we decided to design our own brands. Three brands to be exact: Logitail itself but also Amazus and Pop-Up Star. All in the urban, sporty style.

We made a plan of action. The brainstorm for three brands and the different collections began, the style guide for each brand, the search for the perfect items and the perfect looks, where to put the logos on each item, going to the print shop, looking for the perfect location for our photoshoots for the different brands and the packshot shoot…

As a start-up company, we are located at a co-working space in Antwerp, Fosbury & Sons. Such a creative and energetic space to work. We came across the photographer Kris Lathouwers and his company Beeldhouwers. He made all these incredible beautiful pictures for our webshop. You can admire his work in this making-of video below.

All credits to Kris Lathouwers and the outstanding location Fosbury and Sons for giving us such a beautiful space to work on this project. So, you can see that our Suite Commerce project really comes to life. The collection of the three brands will also be available for the visitors to look and feel.

Logitail NV stands for quality and we guarantee the same quality when we help you with your online webstore adventure.