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Logos are back in business

The fashion world has renewed its love affair with the famous “logo” for this spring/summer 2018. And it’s bigger, bolder and brasher than ever before.

The need for loud, shoutly branding comes from the late 1990s. Everybody was wearing tacky brands and logos to show their taste for fashion. But fast forward to today, it seems people are no longer ashamed of wearing their luxury logos from head to toe.

After years in the no-name fashion wilderness, Logomania is back!

“What is the fuss about?” you’d say. Let’s take a look at Gucci, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Balenciaga and Christian Dior. They are slapping their monograms on everything they design, from handbags to shoes and underwear with a fervor not seen since the excess of the '90s. And the curious thing is, people really except this sudden comeback.

They are back in business!

In the '80s, logos were a symbol of aspiration, status and wealth. While that's still the case for certain consumers, generally logos are much more about a sense of belonging, connectedness or making a wider cultural statement these days. The customers who wear these shout-out items, are the millennials, the teens of our society. They live on social media and desperately want to make their mark and feel part of the trendsetters group. Once an influencer is seen with t-shirt or sweatpants with a brand name, logo or monogram on it, it is considered hip and trendy.


And so, our three entire collections of our house brands are based on this big comeback of the fashion trend that logos are to be worn in the street again. How to wear it today? With a touch of urban, sporty and chic off course! Combined with denim jeans or even a suit, it is the perfect balance between glam and garish.