Accessories make the look complete

“Never, never leave your house without them.” – Carrie Bradshaw

It’s all in the details ladies! Accessories can really make or break your outfits! Even the most well-put together outfits can look trashy or too girly with none or the wrong accessories.

Our three brands, Amazus, Logitail and Pop-up Star have an urban but most of all basic and overall simple style. These items ask for some extra styling. It is a great way to start with a blank canvas, like our Tina Top, as your foundation and then up the fun factor with a range of statement accessories.

Take our Bougie Backpack, it is a piece every boy and girl should have. Adding this black backpack to your look instead of something too chic is an easy way to look casual for every day.

Enhance your look

Now some tips on how to use the right accessories.
Do not exaggerate. If you like to accessorize with jewelry, be sure to just stick with one area if you want to make a statement. Also choose one or two accessories and skip the rest. Don’t wear your accessories all at once – you might end up looking trashy, not classy!

The key here is to experiment and do one thing at a time. For example, lay out our black Brett Blouse and then try accessorizing one by one. Does the belt look better or a gorgeous necklace will do? Can I pair it up with funky tights or just wear white sneakers? And you will be surprised that with just one blouse, you can create dozens of looks just by using accessories!

“Athleisure” is a trend that completely aligns with our three house brands. Blame the fitness goals but this year you can expect to see a lot more women wearing casual, athletic wear in places from work to parties.

Look at our Suzy Sweatpants, when you rock these pants, you will look like you are on your way to a yoga class. Which will probably help you give off the impression that you are taking care of yourself. Isn’t that amazing, plus, it’s super comfy.